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The respective Biomedical Skin care ranges were developed within the discipline of Biotechnology by Dr Judey Pretorius.

The Biomedical Emporium is a leading South African company that primarily focus on the design, development, manufacturing and distribution of Biomedical products for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Device Industry as well as the Cosmeceutical Industry.

The Biomedical skin care range comprises of maximum amounts of active ingredients, at optimal concentrations that work synergistically and holistically on a molecular level to promote a therapeutic response.

All products undergo strict accredited quality control testing for product safety, quality and efficacy. NO products are tested on animals.

Tertiary structure tissue-protective peptide technology

Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetics: Understanding the difference

Biomedical Emporium cosmeceutical skin care products, are formulated by the highest expertise of Scientists, that utilise quality pharmaceutical grade raw materials in all formulations and the incorporation of the tertiary tissue protective peptide technology. This will ensure that medicinal benefits will be obtained once applied to the skin. 

Cosmeceutical Products Cosmetic Products
Cosmeceutical products are used to improve and enhance the skin’s appearance, by using biologically active ingredients. This group of products work on cellular and molecular level in order to be potently effective and safe. Cosmetic products are for the purpose of beauty or style, such products merely cover the skin. Cosmetics can keep the skin moisturised and clean, but not much more than that.
Serums and Moisturisers: Understanding the difference

Biomedical Emporium’s range of serums are light, fast-absorbing and contain high concentrations active ingredients. This potent ingredients come with substantiated research proving their benefit for skin of all ages. Our serums have a very small molecular structure and therefore gets absorbed deeper within the skin.

Serums Moisturisers
Serums are formulated to penetrate deep into the skin to deliver key ingredients. Serums has smaller molecules than moisturisers. A serum comprise of the ability to penetrate and add nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin, that a moisturising cream is not able to reach. Serums are much finer in texture than creams and are more readily absorbed into the skin. Moisturisers are formulated to keep the skin hydrated by putting a protective barrier between it and the outside. Facial cream has larger molecules than serums. Therefore, skin care creams are used to treat mostly the surface level of the skin.  Moisturisers contains a whole collection of ingredients to fulfil various functions in skin.
The Silver Diamond Range

The Serum Range